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Lake Danao

Lake Danao is a mountain lake with a total area of approximately 139 hectares. Hemmed by the cloud-capped Mindiwin mountain range, the lake is 15 kilometers northeast of the city proper and half an hour drive along the national highway going to Tongonan. It is approximately 700 meters above sea level. Its murky green waters harmoniously blend with the verdant green forests of the surrounding hills.
The lake's placid water is ideal for boating or kayaking, and fishing. The surrounding forest, on the other hand, contains a wide variety of flora and fauna, and is perfect for trekking or camping. The recreational park set within its cool and invigorating climate make it among the leading adventure destination of the country.

Lake Kasudsuran

Lake Kasudsuran is a 12-hectare lake located in the virgin forest of Brgy. Gaas. It is situated at a height of 820 meters above sea level amidst lush vegetation. Accessible only by foot, one gets a refreshing view of the lake after enjoying a good hike from the starting point at Sitio Maglahug, approximately 2.5 kilometers from the lake.

Lake Janagdan

Mt. Janagdan is the highest peak at 1,120 meters above sea level situated at Brgy. Cabingtan, and is about 19 kilometers northeast of the city. Hidden within this peak is another magnificent and mystifying lake, Lake Janagdan. The smallest among the three Ormoc lakes, it has an area of about 3 hectares This Lake is accessible only by foot, about two hours hike from the jump-off point at the barangay proper. Despite its size as compared to Lake Danao and Lake Kasudsuran, it can exude the same charm and excitement to the adventurers. It rises at a height of 1,080 meters, offering a challenging climb to those who want to be captivated by its beauty, concealed amidst a rugged terrain and thick forest cover.

Ormoc Mangroves

The mangrove swamps in Ormoc Bay stretches extensively along the coastal area in the northwestern side of Ormoc City within the barangays of Naungan, San Juan and Lao. Its 260 hectares vegetation shelters the highest number of mangrove species and considerable number of marine and terrestrial organisms. The area is also utilized for aquaculture development and livelihood of local residents. The area has been awarded to a number of people's organization located in the area for conservation and development projects under the supervision of local and national line agencies.

Beach Resorts

With Ormoc Bay to its west, Ormoc City is also host to six (6) beach resorts and three (3) picnic grounds. Aside from being able to swim and gambol in the water, there are also available water sports equipments.

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